Secrets of Modern Slot Play

Secrets of Modern Slot Play

An up-to-date and entertaining book with helpful tips on how to play standard spinning reels and today’s multiline video reel. The book also explains how the new generation of coinless (ticket-in, ticket-out) slots work.

Its 108 pages reveal the game’s long slot slot secrets update run by casino insiders, computer programmers, mathematicians and slot-wise gamers nationwide – plus the 30-year-old author’s experience in the trenches. The author claims that today’s one-armed bandits are computers in slot clothes. He then describes, with a touch of humor, how they work, how to find the loosest locations, and how to play them.

The book also discusses slot game myths, the role of luck, streaks, slot-shaped game mistakes, betting strategies, how casinos think and how they want you to think, and more!

If you try your luck at today’s high-tech computerized slots, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about them. And Secrets of Modern Slot Games tells you in Easy to understand a non-technical language all you really need to know to come home a winner more often.

Do not play another slot machine until you’ve read this book!

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