Choosing the Perfect Wild Bird Feeders

The main purpose of using a squirrel repellant is so that the birds will not be attracted to your feeder because of their tendency to peck at the birdseed inside. The squirrel repellant has an odor that is similar to that of dead animals. It will also discourage the birds from visiting your feeding device and the appellant will also help in removing the seeds from the birdseed that you feed your birds. Read more The Cardinal Bird Feeder – What Works Best? Bird feeder covers and squirrel repellant can help you maintain the bird population in your backyard or even in your yard. Squirrel repellant also helps you in preventing other predators from coming into your bird’s area. They are very useful in keeping the birds away from other harmful creatures. There are some birds that feed on the ground. You may think that these birds cannot get trapped inside a birdfeeder, but the truth is that they are still vulnerable to the food that is left out for them. The squirrels are attracted to the food that remains outside of your home while the birds are eating. This is one of the reasons why a squirrel proof bird feeder cover is important for preventing the food from getting inside the bird feeder.