Close Protection Chauffeur – Defensive Driving and Vigorous Protection For Your VIPs

When you book a close protection chauffeur from VIP Luxury Chauffeurs London with VIP Luxury Car Hires, there are absolutely no surprises. Your all inclusive tariff with guaranteed fixed rate prices for close protection chauffeur services (per hour, vehicle hire London prices) is pre-arranged before you book your close protection car service(s) from VIP Luxury Chauffeurs London with VIP Luxury Car Hires. You will have the peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, your safety and your loved ones’ safety is guaranteed. Whether you are driving in heavy traffic or meeting a serious threat, you have the reassurance that professional, close protection chauffeur services will be at your side every step of the way, onsite at your choice of convenient locations throughout London. Basic Security Services Offered by a Residential Security Company in London Your VIP close protection chauffeur in London provides support to your entire staff, from the drivers who are expected to keep the peace to emergency support teams dispatched on a moment’s notice, in order to ensure your clients are met with the care and attention they deserve. Your clients need not worry about meeting or dealing with any unwanted attention or violence from strangers or undesirable guests who may show up unannounced or simply decide to follow you home. With a professional close protection chauffeur London who can keep your clients and staff members safe, your clients may even forget you are even there, as your backup team of highly trained professionals will take care of any threats or other unwanted attention. When you work with a close protection chauffeur, you will no longer need to be worried about any potential attacks on your client or employees. Instead your close protection chauffeur in London will constantly monitor the activities of any potential attackers. Your VIP backup team will react swiftly and effectively, taking down the attacker and his associates, while your own personal security detail will take care of the client and his or her guests. Your personal security detail is not only efficient, it is also extremely discreet. No one will ever know that you were assisted by such a highly skilled close protection chauffeur in London.