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The jackpot explodes

So who pays for these volcanic eruptions? Pirate Battles? Carnival parades? Glittering Showrooms? These are the slot machines. 60-65% of casinos’ revenues are generated by these bandits armed with bells that seem to multiply on casino floors like rabbits. So, how can the average player get an advantage and maybe win? Well … apart from cheating (which we do not advise!) The only way to gain some kind of advantage is to choose your locations with the utmost care and discrimination.

The slot machines in Las Vegas are required by the 75% cash distribution law that goes into their actual payment in Las Vegas is around 95%. Will you be the one who takes the money instead of the one who gives it? It’s lucky, but with a little investigation, one can easily learn to identify which machines are the most favorable to the player. The slot machines are all about payment … Red White and Blue, Double Diamond, Dick Clark Fucking, Cherry. At the end of the day what every machine player has to do is to look at the payment list on the machine they want to play. Very often, the same machine a line more will pay 5000 credits at the 3rd jackpot of credit while you play on a 3rd credit machine 2000. Clear and simple you cheat.