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Cheap Web Hosting – What’s the Best Option?

Cheap Web Hosting

The Best Cheap Hosting – 2021 Edition


In this third installment of my series, I’m going to cover some of the more popular hosts, as well as discuss some of the lesser-known options. In particular, I’ll talk about the two newest cheap web hosting companies that are quickly becoming some of the cheapest options available out there, Bluehost and Host Gator. These two hosts have many similarities with one another but also have differences that will help you decide which is the best choice for you.


In part one, I discussed three of the more popular hosting companies that offer cheap web hosting, and in this article I’m going to cover two of the lesser known web hosts. Bluehost and Host Gator are both excellent options for anyone looking to save money, but I believe that VPS hosting is a better option in most cases. Bluehost and Host Gator both offer shared hosting plans, which are great for people who don’t need all of their website code on their actual server, but they both also offer VPS hosting, which has its advantages as well. Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of which is the better option for you!

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