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Atlanta Roofing Who Should I Use?

While many roofers can slap shingles on top of your house, you know there’s more to it than that. You need a company you can trust at (and on) your home, and a company you know will do a superior job. We are excited to share that Above Roofing is the proud recipient of the Better Business Bureau 2010 Integrity Award!

Here are some other reasons you can feel confident Above Roofing is that company:

Family-owned and operated: Family values are inherent in the way we operate. Our seamless communication and team approach make for a smooth job on your home.

Experienced, honest estimators: Robert Freeman, Tommy Wall, and Jay Rainer do all our estimates. Each has years of experience in the field and you can be confident their recommendations will meet the specific needs of your home.

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Employees rather than subcontractors: Our professionally trained, uniformed workers follow our employee code of conduct. You and your neighbors won’t have to worry about foul language, loud music, or inappropriate actions. Your family (even your pets) will be treated with respect. All employees have passed our seal of integrity requirements. This includes drug tests, criminal background checks, and the National Predator list.

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We don’t cut corners: Quality is important to us. We will be honest in advising your needs rather than overlooking important aspects of the job just to keep the price down.

Complete roof systems: We make sure all roofing components work together to give you the best, longest-lasting value. This includes shingles, roof decks, insulation, ventilation, skylights, gutters, gutter protectors, and more.

Intensive clean-up system: Most people don’t realize how messy a roofing project can be. Our unique protection and clean-up system show that we care about your home and ensures the least amount of disturbance possible, which you and your neighbors will appreciate.

Rubber Roofing In Atlanta Is It Expensive?

Rubber Roofing In Atlanta

Rubber has been one of the main materials being used in commercial roofing since the 1960s, particularly in the construction of the flat roof. Rubber offers several advantages over other roof materials. For one, it is reasonably priced and cost-efficient, the best choice of property owners who are in a budget. Second, the rubber roof is relatively easier to install, which means that it won’t take a lot of time hiring the service of workers. And lastly, the roof is highly durable and not susceptible to producing unpleasant odors.

In the area of flat-roof engineering, construction professionals often use EDPM to refer to the rubber roof. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a breed of rubber that undergoes curing either before or after the installation. Curing is a process of improving the strength and resiliency of the material. In terms of categorization, rubber roof belongs to single ply membrane roofs, which means it only consists of the only ply of material as opposed to several plies glued together.

Commercial roofing contractors employ three basic methods in installing EPDM or rubber roof. First, they can completely glue the material to the building surface by using industrial water or solvent adhesives. Second, they can fasten the roofs to the walls by employing different machine tools and then ballasting them with rocks or concrete. Third, they can employ a loose-laid roof system wherein only adhesives and splice tapes will hold the roofs in place. The third method is often used to carry out the anesthetic plan, though it is important to note that the structural layout of the building should be perfect and the people who’ll perform the installation are highly specializing in rubber roof installation.

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How Much Does A Rubber Roof In Atlanta Cost

Rubber roof can last between 10 and 30 years depending on the degree of weathering it will encounter and the level of maintenance being applied to it. There are so many conditions that can affect the lifespan of a roof, like the kind of structure it is covering, the foot traffic that it normally gets, the amount of rain it receives and the duration it has to take to dry the water, and of course the geographic location of the building.

It goes without saying that the lifespan of flat roofs also depends on the way it is installed. The workmanship of the roofing contractor will be a basis of how often you have to spend on repair of the roof in the future. To save over-all costs, see to it that the roofing company that will install your property’s rubber covering is highly skilled and has adequate experience in doing the job. You always have the option to install the flat roof yourself, but note that your workmanship cannot beat the skill of a professional who has spent several years doing the same thing for a living.

The rubber-made roof is just one of the choices that you have for commercial roofing. All roofing materials have their respective advantages and disadvantages, so spare a few hours reading and finding out which kind of roof can work for your property.

Atlanta Roofing Specialists Should They Clean Up Afterwards

Should My Atlanta Roofer Clean Up My Yard?

Should I Expect My Roofing Contractor to Clean Up My Yard? Repairing or supplanting your rooftop involves a considerable amount something other than nailing in certain shingles. To give a general unrivaled administration, an accomplished material contractual worker needs to take various things into thought. Frequently, a low-offering contractual worker will hold back around the edges, leaving a mortgage holder shocked at the sudden chaos deserted in their yard. Your material temporary worker’s main responsibility is to leave your home looking superior to anything it did previously, and must invest heavily in guaranteeing that the activity is done well. Nonetheless, to ensure that you and your material contractual worker are in agreement, there are a couple of inquiries you should pose before marking the agreement.

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Is it true that you are Planning To Clean Up Afterwards?

It’s a basic thing, that you probably won’t considerably consider until it’s past the point of no return. Get some information about their tidy up plan, and how intensive it will be. After a rooftop fix or substitution, it is entirely expected to discover nails, shingle granules, and stray roofing materials lying around the yard. Ensure your material contractual worker has a regulation intend to limit the chaos and gives tidy up administration a while later.

Will You Protect My Roof

Once more, a regulation arrangement can work miracle to keep falling garbage from harming shrubberies, plants, grass, and so forth. Also, spreading out a canvas or other defensive covering over the delicate territories in your yard can shield them from what falls. It’s difficult to anticipate all falling flotsam and jetsam, so once in a while slight harm is unavoidable. Ideally, if the best possible advances are taken, the harm won’t be hopeless.

Work with your temporary worker to think of an arrangement that is agreeable for you. In the event that you feel it’s essential, you could even get the tidy up plan recorded as a hard copy. As we have composed previously, vet your material temporary worker altogether before employing. On the off chance that he is an accomplished and trustworthy contractual worker, these things will be natural to him!