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As we all know, Georgia’s weather can be a tad unpredictable. However, to protect your home as best as we can, we only strip as many tiles/sheets as we can lay in a day, or before it is going to rain.

At the end of every day, your home is left watertight and protected from rain, so even if it rains for a day in the middle of your job your roof will not leak. In case of emergencies, our teams have large, sturdy tarps which we can use to temporarily cover your roof.

Zincalume is a zinc, aluminium, and silicone combined coating that is specially applied to corrugated sheet metal. When the sheet metal does not have any colour applied to it, we refer to it as Zincalume. When it has any one of the 20 available Colorbond colours added to the steel, we call it Colorbond.

Essentially, Colorbond is ‘coloured’ and Zincalume is not.

Zincalume is slightly cheaper than Colorbond to buy, but only very marginally.

As a minimum, when installing a new Colorbond roof, it is a requirement that we install reflective foil (sisalation paper, or sarking), to protect the underside of the roof sheeting from the condensation that can form in your ceiling.

This reflective foil can also be installed with a 55ml layer of fiberglass insulation on one side, which most people refer to as builders blanket. Usually, it comes with an R-value of R1.55, but you can install different blankets with higher R values if required. It is best to talk to one of our friendly staff about this, as homeowners needs can differ depending on whether your home is already adequately insulated.
How Much is Colorbond Roofing?
Find the best Colorbond roofing prices in Georgia
There is no easy answer to a question like, ‘how much does Colorbond roofing cost?’ as there are so many factors to consider. There are obvious points such as the size and surface area to cover, but there are also a number of other variables that affect the quoted price of Colorbond roofing.

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There is not only the cost of roof replacement to consider, but also whether the current guttering, downpipes, or fascia need replacing. These are factors that can easily influence your Colorbond roofing prices.

To provide you with an idea of what it’d cost you to carry out a Colorbond roofing project in your home, we’ve provided you with several case studies of our past assignments that give you an estimate on the cost of metal roofing projects.

Re-Roof Metal Roofing is a small business that can offer the best roofing prices in Georgia. Call us today to discuss the cost of roof replacement, or get a free Colorbond pricing quote online. You can be sure that we’ll give you the most competitive Colorbond roofing prices around.

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