The Best Zipscreen Blinds in Sydney

“ZIPWHOLE blinds Sydney – the best way to go” says Richard and Linda Taylor, the couple who have been in the business for the last 35 years. “We have the largest selection of zip screen blinds in Australia, with a large variety of fabrics and colors. We carry a full stock of different types of vinyls and UV protection film.” “We are also proud to feature the VOZUZ VIP privacy film, which is designed to give you complete privacy from peeping Toms. Our prices are quite competitive.” Find out

What Is The Benefits Of Zipscreen Blinds Sydney?

“We install our zip-ups in two different ways – hanging the blinds by hand, or attaching them to the window with the use of double-sided tape,” explains Richard. “Hanging by hand is quite a laborious process requiring at least two people. “The double-sided tape method is far quicker, but can be messy if not done properly. We recommend doing both for the best fit and elimination of obstacles.”

” Zip screened blinds Sydney are made from a very tough plastic called UV protecting polyethylene. This material is water, weather and abrasion resistant. It’s also highly flexible and has no stretch marks. “We highly recommend the VOZUZ VIP privacy film, which is designed to provide complete privacy from peeping Toms. “We don’t recommend any other type of material as it can be easily peeled off.”