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Weed Pipe With Lighter Built In

weed pipe with lighter built in

There are many reasons as to why a person would want to have a lipstick weed pipe. One of the most popular reasons is for those people who grow their own weed and have a need to put out more than one marijuana plant at one time. For these people, having a lighter on the pipe will make lighting the plants much easier to do without having to use excess amounts of lighter fluid or get up and get out of their way to light the plants themselves. Another reason that some people choose to have a lighter with built in is to have easy access to their weed when they are growing their own outdoors or in a potting shed, and don’t have a convenient way to bring the weed to the lighter from indoors. For these situations, having a weed pipe with lighter built in makes a lot of sense.



Now, on to some things to consider about weed pipes with lighters. The first is that you really do need to get a good one. You can find them in just about any hardware store or weed pipe outlet, but the best ones will be made from stainless steel and have safety insulation. Make sure that the design and the finish are going to work well with the environment you will be working in, and that it will also withstand being used outdoors where things may be a little bit windy. If you are buying one online, make sure that the store allows you to return the item if it does not work correctly. Some weed pipe lighters will have plugs that must be inserted into the lighter fluid so that the pipe can actually light the weed instead of just lighting the air.


There are also many different designs of lighters that are built into the structure of the weed pipe. Some are very tiny and barely noticeable, but some are so small that it can be difficult to conceal them under your garden trellis or something else. Another option is to purchase a really heavy duty weed pipe with a lever or handle. These are both very effective and can be quite intimidating to the user, but if you ever come up on a clover or other weed that you want to try lighting with your lighter, chances are you will be able to get it done safely. There are many options for you to choose when you are looking to buy a weed pipe with a lighter built in.

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