What Are Eco-services?

Ecological Services – Eco-services include a range of services from a wide range of sectors. These services range from food consumption to packaging and shipping services. In addition to the services in food and packaging, these services also encompass services in environmental protection and management. The most commonly provided environmental services include carbon emission abatement, waste management and water pollution prevention.

What are ecosystem services?

There are two types of such ecological services: services that provide direct benefits and those that do not. Direct services include things like air and water quality monitoring, waste management and recycling, and water pollution prevention. These are generally provided by governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and private entities such as universities, corporations, and other organizations. Non-governmental organizations, on the other hand, provide such services such as recycling and food quality monitoring. These are normally provided by non-governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, non-profits and social enterprises.

Environmental services are also broadly classified into two categories: services that provide direct environmental benefits and those that do not. The latter category is generally the services that do not provide direct benefits but rather the services that provide indirect environmental benefits. For instance, the services of non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to the environment through projects and activities such as recycling, conservation of energy, land use planning, and creation of eco-friendly communities often include indirect benefits. Such services may also include providing education to people on how to adopt and sustain sustainable lifestyles.